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Small Commercial & Residential – Businesses and Homeowners can lower electricity and natural gas supply rates in energy deregulated states. By shopping and comparing costs you save money and energy. It takes only 5 minutes! This free easy process takes you step by step to find the best rates.

Avoid Telemarketing Costs – Besides, annoying phone calls from Telemarketers, did you know that if you purchase your energy savings from them you will pay higher rates? This is because the telemarketer takes their fee from selling to you. Plus, the telemarketers has no more experience than you do because they are trained to sell. You can save even more money by shopping directly, plus have a larger choice. Telemarketers are selling products from a few select companies and tell you what you want to hear to make the sale. We are the no pressure way to shop and compare prices.

Great Low Rate – Fixed rate plans give you the best possible rates. When electricity or natural gas rates increase, your cost will stay the same. You don’t have to change anything more at your end. Maintenance and delivery of your electricity and natural gas remain the same way. The only thing you will notice is savings on your electric and gas bills. Lock in a great rate today!

Take just a few minutes to compare. Get your last’s month’s gas or electric bill and find the rate that best fits your needs. Our extensive group of energy suppliers gives you plenty of choices to make the right decision. For your home, business, or both, we guide you through the process of picking who provides your electricity and natural gas. Saving money on your energy costs is now easy!

Enrolling is not complicated. Have your natural gas and electric bills ready. Enter your customer information, compare price offers, select offer, and complete enrollment!

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